Scholarships confirmed for 2017

​This year BI received many strong applications for scholarships, both on Bachelor and on Master of Science. A total of 70 scholarships have been granted to talented students from 27 countries. Among the nations represented are everything from big countries like China and Russia, to smaller countries like Nicaragua and Turkmenistan.

Coming from all corners of the world, the students still have one thing in common: Outstanding academic efforts. On September 27. the verification of the Bachelor and Master of Science scholarships were presented to the students by President Inge Jan Henjesand.

- In addition to excellent faculty, we need outstanding students like you to realize our vision:  to build the knowledge economy, said Henjesand.

Camila Salvesen from the administration of the Wilhelmsen Foundation was also present to recognize and celebrate the efforts the students have made to earn their scholarship. Henjesand assured the students that they had come to a school of with high aspirations, and that BI works hard to ensure that research and teaching is of top international standards. He also had something to say about his expectations of the students:

- You have done well in your educational journey up to this point and we expect you to continue performing on a high academic level, also in the years to come. Tonight, we celebrate your success.

​Facts about scholarships at BI Norwegian Business School:

  • BI has awarded scholarships for top students since 2005.
  • BI Presidential Scholarship for Norwegian and international top students at BI's Master of Science programs with an average grade of A or equivalent. For Norwegian students, the scholarship covers tuition fees, while for international students it also covers living expenses. The scholarship lasts over two years, given that the students meeting the criteria for outstanding results the first year.
  • A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Programme - BI is a program to support the financing of international students' education in Norway. The scholarship is offered by the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation and is awarded to two students who will receive up to NOK 75,000 per semester.
  • MSc International Scholarship is for international students and is offered directly from BI Norwegian Business School.
  • BBA/Shipping is awarded to international BBA students and BBA students with a specialization in shipping.
  • Msc in Business is a new scholarship this year. Three of the students on the photo above are recipients of the Msc in Business grant and three are recipients of the BBA / shipping grant.

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