SBIO gains first international President

​For the first time in history, SBIO gained an international president at the AGM on 22nd October. The new management team also has an international Head of Business Relations.

SBIO President, Cristobal Pohle Vazquez. (Photo: Martin Uteng)

With an increased focus on engaging the international community at BI, SBIO has elected two English-speaking members into its management team.  This is the first time in SBIO's decade of operation that it will be managed by a dominantly English-speaking president.

A student in the limelight

Cristobal Pohle Vazquez (20), of German and Spanish nationality, has been elected as President of BI student society SBIO, where he will have overall responsibility for the well being of the entire student union. Dionysios-Ioannis Anghelopoulos (20) from Greece is now Head of Business Relations, for which he will have the main responsibility for both internal and external marketing activities of SBIO.

Pohle Vazquez, who is a second year BBA student alongside Anghelopoulos, has been active in the student society arena since his enrollment at BI. From established activities such as the BBA board, through to new initiatives such as KDTV, Pohle Vazquez has solidified his presence as an active student at BI.

- I have met a tremendously vast range of people at BI, from entirely different backgrounds, cultures and interests, and this I believe should not be underestimated, as I intend to represent the interests of the entire student union SBIO, said Pohle Vazquez.

In line with the international strategy

With one in ten students at BI being international, SBIO's election of non-Norwegian management is set to improve the welfare of all students and their immersion into student life here in Norway.

- I think this election will ensure that SBIO continues to work with one of its strategic objectives, namely to be an international student organization. In 2014 we took the first real steps with two international students in SBIO leadership, and we are taking another big step in the coming year, SBIO President 2015 Karl Söderman Reistad told INSIDE newspaper.

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