From New York and Singapore to BI

​Why study in Norway? A unique package, a solid reputation and being closer to nature: just three of the reasons these two international students chose to study at BI.

As the forests surrounding Oslo begin to grow golden, over 400 international students have already grown their roots at BI. Most are here on exchange, but some have dedicated the next two to three years of their life to Oslo. Two such students share why they decided to study in Norway, and how their journey has been so far.

Johannes Sorger, first year Bachelor of Business Administration student.


I am from Rye, New York but moved to a catholic boarding school in the Austrian Alps, called Collegium Bernardi, when I was 10. After seven years I moved back home to New York to finish Junior and Senior year at Rye High School. In Austria I was part of the School Orchestra, Fencing Team, and was Student Body President for about four years. In the U.S. I became Varsity Rower for my school’s Section 1 rowing team, and also helped to form the “Be The Change Committee”: a student organization to promote student and teacher wellbeing. 

A unique package

I love Oslo. The city combines the pristine beauty of its natural environment with cutting-edge architecture and technological progress. My family owns a cottage only three hours away from Oslo, between the Vänern and Vättern lakes in Sweden, where I have spent many summers. I look up to Scandinavians, because they are people who understand how to live a more balanced life.
I chose BI over universities in the USA, because this school offers a unique package: a safe environment, excellent public transportation, noteworthy faculty members from internationally renowned universities, and an affordable education completely taught in English. It is critical for me to acquire a high quality education in English because I want to pursue an international career.  BI offers a specific course load designed to prepare one for a career in the business sector. Plus, People at BI are very welcoming and try to make the best out of everybody's time in school.
After having taken six Advanced Placement (AP) classes in just two years, and in particular after AP United States Politics and Government and AP Economics, I understand how important Business Administration and Economics/Finance degrees are in today’s cosmopolitan world. 


My goal for my time at BI is to get the most out of what the university offers, and to understand the Norwegian way of thinking. In order to achieve that, I have applied to a variety of societies at BI, like the Sailing Team, the Case Study Club, and StartBI.  
My current plan is to finish my BBA with a specialization in Finance, then taking the UC Berkeley Extension in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and society, and then either coming back to BI to get my MSc, or staying in California and going to Stanford.

Klarissa The, first year Master in Strategic Marketing Management student


I am from Singapore and prior to moving to Norway, I lived in England for six  years. I spent three years there doing my Bachelors in Economics at the University of Warwick and three years working in an Investment Bank in London.


A solid reputation

I chose to study in Norway for several reasons: I had always been a city girl used to the hustle and bustle of a big city and wanted to try a different lifestyle - being closer to nature, living in a society where work-life balance is emphasised, where the pace of life is slower etc.
I chose BI due to its solid reputation as a Business School, while the reason behind my choice of Strategic Marketing Management was because I wanted to expand my knowledge base and to learn something new. I had heard that the course at BI balanced both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of Strategic Marketing well, and I believe that this course would be able to help me build a solid foundation in Marketing, not just in a theoretical aspect but also practical skills that would be useful in the workforce.
While I’m not too crazy about the cold and the rain, life in Norway has been great so far since I moved here in late July. I’ve really enjoyed the activities planned by the Strategic Marketing Association (SMA) during our first week of school (BBQs, pub crawl etc.), which helped me get to know my classmates a lot better. They’ve been great fun to hang out with!

To grow up and to gain

My goals for the next 2 years at BI are really to learn lots, make a bunch of close friends (be it locals or internationals) and most importantly have fun and enjoy the experience here at BI! Of course, on the academic/professional front, I do hope that having gone through the rigorous and comprehensive programme at BI, I will be able to attract employers with my profile and that I will be well-positioned to land a job in Oslo which I truly enjoy after graduation.

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