BI Internship MSc



BI Internship Master of Science

Students enrolled in their second semester of MSc Business, Leadership and Org. Psychology and Strategic Marketing Management can apply for BI Internship which takes place in their third semester (week 34- incl. week 41). This is a unique chance to gain credits and relevant work experience in one of BI's partner companies!

What is a BI Internship?
Internships in general offer a period of practical experience in an industry relating to your study programme. This experience is valuable as a means of allowing you to experience how your studies are applied in the "real world", and as work experience that can be highly attractive to potential employers on a candidate's CV. BI Internship is special. It is a 12 ECTS course at BI. Since you get credits, you work 8 weeks fulltime (August-October) but unpaid at one of BI's partner companies. In order to pass the course you have to write a term-paper with guidance of your academic supervisor. 

When will you do your BI Internship?

You will do your internship from week 34 until incl. week 41. The BI Internship course will end with and End of Internship celebration where the company representatives, the students and the faculty is invited to. 

Why do a BI Internship?

  • Get credits and relevant work experience!
  • Network during your studies - a future asset
  • Find out what industry/field you think is interesting

Which partner companies are part BI Internship 2018?

Backe Gruppen, BDO, Danske Bank, DNB, DNV GL, Eniro, Norwegian Refugee Council, Hydro, Doctors Without Borders, L'Oreal, Microsoft (unfortunately Microsoft did not reply to our invitation and won't be participating in this year's BI Internship), Nordea, Opera Software, Orkla, Oslo Havn, Sparebank1, Statkraft, Telia, Wilhelmsen

 >  New in 2018: Kahoot


Can I find my own company?

No, as for now you can only apply to the positions the above named companies will post in the Career Portal in January each year.

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