Innholdet foreligger kun på engelsk

The participants in the programme will receive a general understanding and familiarity with the major topics within the field of management. They will not have detailed knowledge about these topics and will hence not be specialists or experts in any of them. The programme has an international profile, both in terms of topics and participants, and an important knowledge outcome is an understanding of global economic trends and their influence on modern management.

The programme is applied in nature and hence the participants will obtain the ability to analyze practical problems. This means they will be able to propose solutions and make decisions that advance the overall objectives of the organisations for which they work. These skills will be obtained both through class lectures, discussions and assignments, but also through case presentations and visits to international firms. Since the programme has an international focus, the participants will learn to consider the importance of global factors in the management.

The participants will learn to evaluate decisions in light of the often conflicting interests of the various stakeholders both internally in firms as well as in the firms’ external environment. This includes consideration of various stakeholders’ influence on the firm and their explicit or implicit objectives. In addition, the participants shall take in to consideration ethical aspects and corporate responsibility in their decision making.


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