3rd year - Electives 2016/2017



3rd year - Electives 2016/2017


For elective courses in the spring semester 2017 elections take place electronically in December 2016. A minimum number of students is required in order to start up. Possible electives in spring term 2017 are: 

Course codeCourse nameInternational BusinessShippingFinance
ELE 3701Innovation and EntrepreneurshipXXX
ELE 3706Persuasion and Dialogue for LeadersXXX
ELE 3710Business and Professional EthicsXXX
ELE 3732Financial bubbles, crashes and crisesXXX
ELE 3736Real Estate FinanceXXX
ELE 3763Innovation Strategy and Technological ChangeXXX
ELE 3766Social Networks and CommunitiesXXX
ELE 3768Global Strategies for Emerging MarketsXXX
ELE 3769Cross Cultural ManagementXXX
ELE 3771PurchasingXXX
ELE 3773Service MarketingXXX
ELE 3777BrandingXXX
EXC 3602International Marketing XX
EXC 3603International Economics XX
FIN 3516Financial Statement Analysis  X
FIN 3616Financial Decision making with Excel  X
FIN 3617Behavioural Finance  X


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