BI Internship MSc



Opptakskrav - Master of Science

​Innholdet foreligger kun på engelsk.

In order to be considered, you must be enrolled in the MSc in Business, Msc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology or MSc in Strategic Marketing Management.

Who can apply?
First year students enrolled in the following programmes
MSc in Business
MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology
MSc in Strategic Marketing Management
The internship is only available to students who spend their 3rd semester in Norway. Qtem students and Double Degree students are not eligible for BI Internship. 
The requirements are as follows: 
  • Average grade = B or better
  • Students who have fully completed the first semester of the programme.
  • No pending subjects
Can I apply for BI Internship MSc if I apply for regrading?

In order to be eligible for BI Internship you need to have all your grades available until the deadline. That means that you will not be considered a candidate if you apply for regrading. That is because this process can take up to 15 weeks and by then the companies have selected their BI Internship candidates. The companies are promised candidates with a  GPA=B or better and applying for regrading implies that your grade might drop as well.
Additionally it might be the case that we have more applicants to a positions than spots, we have situations where we have strong applicants on cv/motivation letter/video, and the one thing that can make a difference is the grade. Therefore, it is not fair if we don’t have all the grades from one of the students.

Can I apply for BI Internship MSc if I apply for retake?
As long as you have all your grades until the deadline (February 1st).

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