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​Her kan du lese erfaringer til både BI studenter og bedrifter som har tatt del i ordningen.​

BI Studenter


Kevin Andersen, BI Internship Master høst 2016. Nordea

The BI Internship Master programme gave me invaluable practical experience through an intensive two months of hard work and real responsibility. Being forced to make connections between real-life business problems and my education afforded the perfect opportunity for reflection, and renewed my motivation for the last semester at BI. I gained unique insight into Nordea's day-to-day operational challenges and long-term strategic goals. I also built a strong network in the bank, which ultimately helped me write my thesis. The internship was a vital part of my BI education and I would absolutely recommend any master's student to consider this fantastic opportunity.




Lissy O'Brien, Engineering Controller and Training Manager, Opera Software
Project Controller Intern
The BI student worked in the Project Assistance and Control team. The project he worked on was to investigate the possibilities for improving an online document template, evaluate the different options, and once a candidate was identified, implement the solution.
He developed an automated template and document generator tool which decreases the amount of time project managers spend on creating contract documents, and also greatly reduces the risk of errors or omissions. This was completed and launched within the program timeframe. 
The student was very enthusiastic, worked diligently with minimal supervision, and managed his time well. 

Our experience with the internship program was so positive that we offered the student a part-time position for the following 6 months, during which he will assist in tasks focusing on improving the efficiency of our project processes.



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