- Søknadsprosess MSc Finans

You can apply after checking the student requirements and the course description. In order to be assigned an internship position at one of BI's partner companies it is essential that you complete the application process. Read carefully all information below and contact the BI Internship team if you have more questions.

Step by step guideline to the application process:

  1. Is the BI Internship something for you?  And do you qualify?  To qualify, you need a GPA of minimum B (from the first semester subjects) and no pending subjects (or getting a re-grade)
  2. If you pass the first step, the next thing to do is to read through the details of the available internship positions offered by BI's partner companies in the Career Portal.
  3. Choose 3 companies/positions that interest you the most. You do not rank the companies. 
  4. Write 3 motivation letters, with each tailored to the relevant company/position. You can start the letter explaining your motivation for the BI Internship course, then focus on the specific company and the position available.
    Write the letter in English when the position is published in English.

  5. Prepare and polish your CV!
  6. Now you are ready to apply online to the BI Internship team! Use the link below

    Apply here: the application form will be published in due time before the deadline

 Application deadline: 22nd January


What happens after the deadline when we have received all applications?   

  1. The BI Internship team screens all of the applications
  2. BI will then ask qualified students to send in a motivation video (2 min). You will get the instructions sent by e-mail if you qualify as a candidate after the formal screening based on your grades and study progression
  3. We then carry out a matching process (i.e. matching students and company positions) based on your overall application which consists of your CV, motivation letters, motivation video and in case of fierce competition your grades as well.
  4. The BI Internship team recommends candidates to the companies
  5. The companies then interview the relevant candidates. There will be up to three rounds. Qualified students will be matched with one company/position in the first round. If the student does not get chosen as a BI Internship candidate by the company there is the chance to be sent to a second or third round.
  6. Students will then receive feedback – a yes or no - from the BI Internship team

Some words of advice about the application process 

The BI Internship team does the matching process by mapping candidates and companies/ positions. We encourage you to be open and flexible towards work tasks/ position/ companies. Think outside the box and challenge yourself! This is your chance to find out what you want to/not want to work with in the furture.

How do I write a good CV and motivation letter?

If you already know which internship positions you want to apply for, you can visit our CV and motivation letter information page on @BI or you can simply book a counselling appointment with our counselling team.

Monday to Friday: 12-14 (book an appointment at the Student Service Center)

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