Supplementary teaching



Supplementary teaching

In some cases it is possible to follow supplementary teaching at another study centre in addition to the centre with which you are registered.

Some of BI’s Bachelor’s programmes and courses are offered at all six of BI’s study centres in addition to BI Nettstudier (web-based teaching). Students are entitled to attend classes at a different study centre from the one where they have been registered for examinations. The most common example of this is when students registered with a study centre choose undertake supplementary web-based teaching and vice versa.

There may be limitations due to capacity problems, academic considerations, etc. that make this impossible. Consequently, students who are interested in such an arrangement should contact the study centre where they want to attend classes for supplementary teaching.

As a main rule courses through BI Nettstudier and at the study centres outside Oslo are taught in Norwegian. At BI in Oslo some courses and programmes are taught in English. 

A fee of NOK 1 700 per course is charged for this service. This fee is in addition to the regular tuition fee from the student’s own study centre and is valid for one semester, except for courses that are taught over two semesters. The fee covers the following:

The fee includes:

Supplementary teaching at BI Nettstudier​:
Access to the web-based teaching on the itslearning platform, including access to the digital study guides, access to assessment of send-in papers, intensive teaching at weekend modules and counselling.

Supplementary teaching at a different study centre:
The right to attend lectures, access to the pages related to the course on itslearning, counselling

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