Electives - Bachelor



Electives - Bachelor

Most students in a bachelor programme at BI Norwegian Business School will have to choose an elective during their course of study.

The individual study plans at the portal @BI will show which elective courses are available for you. This is also where you select your electives.

Do you have to choose an elective?

You can choose not to have an elective. This may be applicable for students planning to redo a course from a previous semester, or for some other reason wish to postpone a course.  

Students who do not choose an elective within the deadline may receive a reminder by student administration. If the student consciously has chosen not to sign up for an elective, these reminders can be disregarded.  

Students who forgot to choose electives may still sign up before the studies commence. Contact your place of study after August 10/January 3. You will then be able to choose electives from the courses that still have available places.

Last Modified: 14/06/2016 19:13