Selecting students for electives

What determines which courses you are assigned?


BI Norwegian Business School will aim to assign students to the elective(s) they have placed as their first choice, to the extent possible.

Since some electives may be more popular to choose than others, there may be competition for the seats. In these cases, the students will be selected according to:

  • the credits earned (up to and including the previous semester)

  • the grades achieved (up to and including the previous semester)

For autumn elective courses (chosen in July), the results are calculated up to and including the autumn semester the year before. For spring elective courses (chosen in December), the results are calculated up to and including the spring semester the year before.

All bachelor level results that have a letter grade will be included in the consideration.

Enter all available priorities 

It is important that you state all available priorities when you choose. This will not affect your chances of being admitted to your first choice courses, it just gives you a better chance of getting into a course you would like.

If you are not granted a place in your prioritised course(s), you will have an opportunity to choose among the courses with vacancies once the selection process has been completed.

Last Modified: 14/06/2016 15:11