Submitting papers/home exam



Submitting papers/home exam

Examinations are published on @BI - Log in to @BI, click "Exam" on the left hand side, choose the tab "Exams" and find your exam.  


All papers must be submitted before 12:00 on the day of the deadline. Please observe that the deadline is practised strictly.

A re-sit is only possible when the course is next offered. In most cases, candidates will need to register and take the course again as the course content may be updated or changed.

How to submit your paper

If your exam is to be submitted through @BI, the exam question paper will be listed with a DigiEx icon at your exam page on @BI.

If your exam is to be sent by email, it will be listed with a pdf icon at your exam page on @BI. 

Submission through @BI - the following applies:

No declaration form needed when submitting through @BI.

If your exam paper is to be submitted through @BI and DigiEx, then this is the only permissible option for delivering your paper / exam. 

For information on how to submit your paper electronically; see Student Information - Examination - Electronic submission 

For questions about electronic examination, please contact the Exam Administration:

Submission through email?

PhD Candidate declaration - must accompany all course papers / home examinations submitted by email.

If the paper / home examination is to be submitted by e-mail to, it should be submitted as one pdf file together with a signed (and separately scanned) copy of the PhD Candidate declaration form

  • The declaration form and the term paper should be scanned as two separate PDF files. This is because grading is done anonymously. Please write only your ID number at the top of the paper/exam.
  • The ID number used for examinations is the number on your employee access card. External candidate should use the ID number provided in their course acceptance letter.
  • The paper / home examination should under no circumstances be submitted directly to the person responsible for the course or any other lecturer. 
  • Grades and proof of completion will only be registered in the system when the papers / home examinations are sent for grading through the Doctoral Administration.

Sick at the examination day?

PhD Candidates with a medical certificate/ doctor's note, please contact the Exam Administration.

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