Progress Report



Progress Report

All PhD candidates, regardless of their type of funding, must complete the Progress Report. The Report must then be completed and signed by the main supervisor. Note that the Head of Department must also sign the progress report.

When the progress report has been completed and signed, it is to be scanned and sent by e-mail to
It is the PhD candidate's responsibility that the progress report is submitted electronically to the Doctoral Administration

Please note that incomplete reports will be returned to the PhD candidate. Please make sure you fill in tentative dates for pre doc and disputation, as well as a complete overview of the courses you have taken and are planning to take. Your course portfolio should consist of no less than 60 ECTS.

The Progress Report is due twelve months after the PhD candidate begins the programme and again at the same time in each of the following years. You will receive an e-mail reminding you to submit the report. All PhD candidates will be invited to engage in a dialogue with the Head of Department concerning the Progress Report and the candidate's working environment.

Where to find the Progress Report?
The Progress Report can be downloaded here.

Who to send the report to?
The Report, signed by the supervisor and the Head of Department, must be sent by e-mail to the Doctoral Administration:

Please note that incomplete forms will be returned to the PhD candidate, so please remember to fill in all sections including a detailed account of all courses passed.

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