Programme Information



Programme Information

The PhD programme is an international programme with academic faculty and PhD candidates from across the globe. All courses are offered in English.

PhD in Business and Economics 

Programme Mission: The doctoral programme develops and educates high potential individuals to serve the society in academic, business and other working life communities through research, publication, consulting and other professional services within their field of expert knowledge. 

Learning outcomes:



Candidates are at the forefront of knowledge within the field of specialisation and master the theories and methods of the area of their specialisation.

Candidates can assess the appropriateness and application of different methods and processes in research and development projects.
Candidates can contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories, methods, interpretations and forms of documentation within the area of specialisation.


Candidates are able to formulate problems for, plan, and carry out research and development work.
Candidates can conduct research and academic development work of high international level.
Candidates can handle complex academic questions and challenge established knowledge and practice in the area of specialisation.

 Reflection / general competence

Candidates can identify relevant ethical problems and conduct own research with academic integrity.
Candidates can manage complex projects.
Candidates can communicate research and development work through recognized international channels.
Candidates can contribute to debates in international fora within the area of the specialisation.
Candidates can assess the need for, take the initiative to, and drive innovation.

Practical information:
The ability to speak and write English fluently is a necessity for both the teaching and examination of the programme. This requirement is irrespective of the student's mother-tongue.


As a PhD Candidate you will have your (shared) office at the department responsible for the specialisation in the PhD programme you are taking.

You will be integrated in the academic environment and you may be expected to participate in department seminars and meetings.

PhD candidates often work closely with the academic staff on on-going research projects.

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