Manuscript Style



Manuscript Style


Series of Dissertations

Guidelines and information regarding manuscripts and print of doctoral dissertations.

Serie of Dissertations’ ISSN number is 1502-2099
In addition, each dissertation receives its own ISBN-number.

Series of Dissertations is printed at an out of house printer in the book-format 17x24 cm. Thus the manuscript will be diminished 20% of the original A4 size in the printing process.

The Research Secretariat / Torill Eide is responsible for contact and follow-up with printer and will assist in questions regarding the shaping of the manuscript.

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Manuscript model

  • Spacing: at least 16pt

  • Page numbering: Centre – Bottom of page (footer)



  • Normal (2,5)

  • Please note: Paper size should be A4 . (Not “Letter”-format)


Font size

  • Text: Times New Roman 12 point

  • Chapter heading: Arial 14 point – bold – small letters

  • Sub-heading: Arial 12 point – bold faced

  • Sub-sub heading: Times New Roman 12 point – bold face



The Author owns the copyright of the document. This will be stated on the colophone page (page 2 in the manuscript). The colophone page also contains the ISSN and the ISBN numbers. The colophone page will be added to the manuscript by Torill Eide.

Handing in manuscript to print

The Adjudication committee must approve the dissertation before printing. The printed version should be available 1 month before the final defence find place. Your are recommended to contact the Research Secretariat/Torill Eide 1 ½ month before this date.

Writers copies

You  will receive 30 copies of the printed dissertation, free of charge. Copies in addition will be charged Nok 100 each.  


Series of Dissertations is sold in the bookstore Akademika Nydalen.

Open Access publishing

The Author must give his/her permission regarding electronic publishing of the doctoral dissertation in full-text on BI's website and in BI’s open institutional archive BI Brage. An agreement regulates the relation between BI and the Author. Please fill in this electronic form:!OpenForm


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