General Information



General Information

This page provides useful information regarding your PhD studies – please read this information carefully. 

Courses in the PhD programme are often run over several days or weeks followed by an exam or the submission of a term paper. PhD Candidates will normally be given 30 days to write the term paper. Please check the schedule of courses for information on deadlines for hand-ins and examination dates.

Exchange and visiting scholars:
During the PhD programme many candidates spend time abroad taking courses or as visiting scholars. This is organised by the different departments. For more information on these opportunities, please contact your supervisor.

Once you return to BI after taking courses abroad, you are kindly requested to fill in the "Application for approval of a course taken at another institution" form found in the phd section of @BI and send a copy of your course certificates to the Doctoral Administration for registration.

Personal pages @BI
If you login into @BI you can update your personal information, check the schedule of courses you have registered for and check your examination results. You will also find grading services and your preliminary result report. If you loose your personal username and password, please contact the Doctoral Administration. You are given two e-mail addresses, one student e-mail and one employee e-mail. You are responsible for checking both e-mail accounts. We recommend that you forward all e-mails from the student e-mail account to the e-mail account you use.

Academic Integrity
BI Norwegian Business School works hard to ensure that the principles of academic honesty and integrity are upheld. These principles are outlined in the Honour Code, to which all PhD candidates are expected to adhere. BI Norwegian Business School does not tolerate academic dishonesty. All acts of academic dishonesty will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of this code. All course papers must be original work for each course.


PhD Candidate representative in the Doctoral Committee (UUV-D)


The Doctoral Committee (UUV-D) has a representative from among the PhD Candidates. For information about who this is, please contact


Research Ethics
For general guidelines regarding research ethics, please see:
General guidelines for research ethics



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