Exam Information



Exam Information

​When you sign up for a PhD course at BI Norwegian Business School, you will automatically be registered to sit the exam in that course.

If you are prevented from taking a course or sitting an exam, please e-mail the Doctoral Administration (phd@bi.no) and your registration will be cancelled. Please also inform your supervisor.

Please note that all deadlines are final. No extensions are given unless you have a medical certificate. The Doctoral Administration is not authorised to grant extensions.

In the course plan for the current semester you will find the examination dates, see Course Plan.

PhD candidates do not receive course certificates for courses taken at BI. You are advised to login to you @BI pages to check that a grade has been registered. You may also print preliminary transcripts from your @BI pages. Should you require further confirmation, please contact the Doctoral Administration.

Information about justification of grade and reassessment of grade is available here.

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