Data collection using personal data



Data collection using personal data


Students and researchers using personal data in their research (thesis, dissertation, papers etc) are required to notify the Privacy Ombudsman for Research in order to be able to use this data.

You must notify the Privacy Ombudsman before:

- processing all types of personal data electronically
- establishing a manual filing system containing sensitive personal data

The notification form has to be sent as early as possible and at least 30 days prior to the data collection.

The role of the Privacy Ombudsman for Research is to secure that any personal data used in research is in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

Privacy Ombudsman for Research

The Privacy Ombudsman gives high priority to direct contact with scientists and students. Staff members offer individual advice to students and scientists who are about to collect their own data, lecture at seminars for scientists and graduate and doctoral students and supply printed material on the privacy issue.

The Privacy Ombudsman for Research website has limited information in English but will be updated.


Last Modified: 15/06/2016 14:31