‚ÄčThere are three types of Courses in The Doctoral Programme. The courses are grouped according to three types: Common courses, specialisation courses and elective courses.


Common Courses: These courses cover a range of areas vital for the degree you are taking. There are some variations in types of programmes you are admitted to, but they cover areas within methodology, statistics and research design. All doctoral candidates regardless of their specialisation take the common courses belonging to their doctoral programme. These courses are taken at BI.

Specialisation Courses: These courses cover fundamental issues in your area of specialisation. It is mandatory for candidates to take the courses that are specific to their area of specialisation.

Elective Courses: These courses are often taken at other institutions, and in some cases at BI. Elective courses must be approved by your supervisor and Associate Dean. Please fill in the form when seeking approval of a course.

Course Registration

You are responsible for registering for courses. The course component of the doctoral programme consists of 60 ECTS. Your doctoral dissertation will not be sent to the Evaluation Committee until you have completed 60 ECTS. To register for courses, go to Course Registration


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