Course registration



Course registration


For PhD Candidates at BI:

In order to sign up for courses we kindly ask you to use the following link

NB! After you have signed up, please check itslearning 24 hours later to see if you have access to the course.

​Please contact us ( should you experience any trouble signing up for courses.

External Candidates
External candidates can use the following link to register for single courses. External candidates are kindly asked to attach confirmation of admission to a PhD programme when signing up for a course with the Doctoral Administration. 

Sitting in on Courses
Candidates may be allowed to sit in on courses by approval of the course leader. Sitting in on courses does not permit for course registration, it's learning access, exam submission or credit acquirement. Course certificates or confirmation letters will therefore not be issued.

Information about the Courses
By clicking on the course code in the course plans or timetable, you will see the full course description for each course.
All Doctoral courses have the general prerequisite that the candidate must be admitted to a doctoral programme when signing up for the course. Some courses have additional prerequisites such as previously completed courses or level of knowledge in order for a candidate to be accepted onto them. You should therefore check the individual course descriptions for specific prerequisites. 

Course Readings
Please see the course descriptions for reading lists. If the course description states that there will be a compendium, this will be made available to you for free by the Doctoral Administration. If the required reading consists of books, you are responsible for buying those yourself. More and more course material is becoming available through It's Learning. You can use your student username and password (recieved in the letter communicating your Banner Web for Students access details) to access It's Learning.

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