Application for extension



Application for extension

This application form is for candidates already in the programme, who for some reason find themselves unable to complete the programme within the stipulated time. Reasons for extension must be explained below. Candidates are advised to apply for extension no later than 3 months before the contract (and funding) expires. An extension in the Doctoral Programme does not entail an extension in funding and rights as an employee at BI Norwegian Business School.

The application for extension should be submitted to the Doctoral Administration.

With your application you should attach

  • a final draft of your dissertation
  • a progression plan
  • statement from your supervisor recommending an extension
  • course portfolio form
  • course certificates from external institutions
  • preliminary transcript from the Student Portal (@bi)

 The Doctoral Administration will then forward the application for extension to the Department Council (instituttr√•d). The Department Council will consider the application in their next meeting. The candidate will be notified of the result by the Doctoral Administration as soon as a decision has been made.  

If the candidate is granted an extension, the Doctoral Administration will issue a contract stipulating the terms of the extension. Please note that your Doctoral Dissertation must be submitted to the Doctoral Administration no later than the final day of your extension. Your extension will not be valid until the contract has been signed and returned by you to the Doctoral Administration

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