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Learning Objectives

The following objectives have been developed for the teaching of candidates who have completed and passed three programmes and who through this achieve a degree in Executive Master of Management:

Knowledge Objectives

In the study students will gain a profound knowledge of central theories, concepts and practical examples within three subjects that are relevant to a managerial context. The students will also acquire knowledge of how to practically apply theories and concepts, and how to consult theories to find solutions to practical challenges. The students will furthermore gain knowledge of how to gain academically based knowledge in management and how to apply these.

Skill Objectives

Through the study students will develop analytical skills that can be applied to substantiate decisions in organisations. Through teaching that emphasises combining academically based knowledge with personal experience, the ability to develop independent analysis will be strengthened. These skills will develop the student’s management abilities.

Attitude Objectives

After graduating the students will independently be able to make decisions and contribute to large decision-making processes. The students will be able to take responsibility and be a manager of other people in an independent and reflective way.


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