Formal requirements of the project assignment



Formal requirements of the project assignment

As a main rule, the project assignments will be submitted individually or by groups of up to three (3) persons. The final assignment can be written individually or in a group of up to two (2) students. There may be exceptions.

The project assignments must be up to 30 pages long (50 pages for graduating students), excluding any attachments. It has to be submitted properly stapled or bound in three (3) copies. The final project assignment (for graduating students) must be submitted in five (5) copies. Avoid using plastic pockets, plastic folders, binders or similar.

 Guidelines for the layout:

  • A4 format, with a 5 centimetres left margin and a 2 centimetres right, top and bottom margin.
  • Font: Times New Roman with a 1½ space between the lines in 12 pt writing (300-350 words per page)
  • The pages must be numbered
  • There must be a list of the content and a summary at the beginning of the assignment and a list of sources at the end of the assignment. These pages are in addition to the actual examination answer paper. An extensive explanation of quotation and reference techniques can be found on the library home page:

Also see Templates for Assignment Writing

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