Teaching information



Being an Executive Master of Management student


BI Norwegian Business School follows the European standard for workload per study credit as determined by the Bologna Declaration. Based on this norm, a Master of Management programme for 30 credits will require about 800 hours of work. This includes teaching, academic supervision, course work and examinations. The number of hours of course work will vary somewhat depending on the programmes and the extent of the student’s previous knowledge.

Using It's learning as a learning platform

Students have to make sure they get all the relevant information that is provided through the learning platform. It’s learning is not supposed to be a tool for students who choose not to attend classes. Attending classes is compulsory. Students will get access to It’s learning shortly before they start their programme. In It’s learning academic staff will give a more detailed briefing about the syllabus, post slides from the teaching classes, articles, cases and all the relevant information connected to their programmes.

It is the responsibility of the students to keep up-dated on what’s available in It’s learning.

Forms of teaching

In each Master of Management programme a combination of teaching methods is often employed, to increase the learning outcome for the students. Some of these teaching methods lead to the active participation of students through finding case solutions in groups, class discussions and presentations.

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