Master thesis registration and thesis seminars



Master thesis registration and thesis seminars

The first formal part of the master thesis process is to hand in the thesis registration. To help the students get started with their work, thesis seminars are offered by the faculty staff. 

Master Thesis Registration

The thesis registration is graded pass/fail and must be submitted by June 1st in the first year of the two-year programme, or by September 25th for +1 students and incoming double degree students. (This is submitted electronically through DigiEx, follow the instructions in the exam paper at DigiEx.)

For students enrolled autumn 2014 and earlier, the thesis registration form is evaluated within the Research Methodology courses and they will not receive a final grade in this course unless the thesis registration form has been awarded a pass grade. Students will also not be given a final grade for their thesis unless the thesis registration and preliminary thesis report, as well as the final thesis, are passed. Retake (re-sit) for the thesis registration is September 25th for students who failed the June 1st hand-in.

The Master Thesis Registration should include information about the major/programme, the name of the preferred thesis supervisor along with his/her signature as agreement, and a signature of approval by the Associate Dean. In addition, students must attach separate sheets (2 to 3 pages) stating the area of study, the research question, a brief description of the research method, and a brief implementation plan. 

Thesis seminar

A thesis seminar for each major/programme will be organized in your second, third and/or fourth semester. The thesis seminar will focus on research methods or issues related to each major and will function as group supervision of your thesis work. Some departments will require presentation of the students’ topics. The seminars will be announced on itslearning and in your time schedule. It is expected that students attend the thesis seminars.

Research Methodology

For most students in the two-year programme the thesis process starts with the core courses in Research Methodology and Statistics/Data Analysis.

There are several different Research Methodology courses, and you will find information regarding your course in your study plan.

In these courses students will be given a general introduction to common research methods used in the study of organisational and economic issues, covering both quantitative and qualitative methods in their subject specific research methodology course. The course will also introduce you to philosophy of science and theories of knowledge and knowledge development. Knowledge of these concepts will enable you to critically evaluate research conducted by others as well as your own, and hence write a better thesis.

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