Student in Master programmes



Student in Master programmes

All students must make sure that they obtain the information provided in class that is not included in textbooks, homepages or on its learning. Homepages and/or its learning are not designed for the convenience of students who choose not to attend class. You are expected to attend each class. Frequent absence has a negative effect on your learning process as well as your course grade.

Master courses use a combination of teaching methods. To enhance learning and progression, emphasis is placed on teaching methods that involve a high level of student activity. These methods are combined with assessments that promote learning by means of regular feedback. Most of the courses are designed according to this philosophy. Since there is continuous evaluation throughout most courses, it is usually not possible to retake parts of a course in the MSc programmes. The focus on student activity and continuous assessment requires that you attend the courses, hand in assignments during the semester, participate in class discussions and present cases or participate in other classroom-based activities. If you fail a course the whole course must be retaken.

Note that if you wish to retake a examination, you need to register for the course in the course registration period (by July 1st for the autumn term and December 1st for the spring term). It is not possible to register for course/examinations in a GRA course in the examination change period (September 15th - October 1st and February 15th - March 1st respectively).

Most courses are offered in English. The exception is courses in the Master of Professional Accountancy Programme (Master i regnskap og revisjon). The ability to speak and write English fluently is a necessity for both the teaching and examination of the programme. This requirement is irrespective of the student's mother-tongue and of which programme the student is enrolled in.

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