Schedule preparatory courses 2017



Schedule preparatory courses 2017

Here you find the schedule for the preparatory courses that are offered autumn 2017.​​

We advise that you check the schedule on a regular basis in case of any unplanned changes. The schedule will also be available on from 15 June.

Be aware that the courses run for the whole period, so if you for example want to take part in the whole statistics course you need to be present all days  listed, and if you want to be present for the whole economics part of the course for MSc in Business you need to be there all days listed for economics.

We stress the importance of these preparatory courses. If you do not have this knowledge in your background, please register for the corresponding course.

You register for a course by sending an e-mail to Remember to include your full name, MSc programme and ID number at BI in this e-mail.

FORK 1002 Preparatory Course in Elementary Statistics

​Tuesday​01 Aug​10:00-14:45​Statistics​Genaro Sucarrat​A2-030
Wednesday​02 Aug​10:00-14.45​Statistics​Genaro SucarratA2-030 
​Thursday​03 Aug​10:00-14:45​Statistics​Genaro SucarratA2-030 
​Friday0​4 Aug​10:00-14.45​Statistics​Genaro SucarratA2-030 


FORK 1003 Preparatory Course for MSc in Business and MSc in Finance

​Monday31 July​09:00-11:45​MathematicsEivind Eriksen​C1-060
​Tuesday​01 Aug​09:00-11:45MathematicsEivind Eriksen​C1-060
Wednesday​02 Aug​09:00-11:45​MathematicsEivind Eriksen​C1-060
​Thursday0​3 Aug​09:00-11:45​Mathematics​​Eivind Eriksen​C1-060
​Friday​04 Aug​09:00-11:45​Mathematics​​Eivind Eriksen​C1-060
​Monday0​7 Aug​09:00-11:45​Mathematics​​Eivind Eriksen​C1-060
​Tuesday​08 Aug​10:00-14:45​Economics​Knut Eric Joslin​C1-060
Wednesday​09 Aug​10:00-14:45​​Economics​​Knut Eric Joslin​C1-060
​Thursday​10 Aug​10:00-14:45​​Economics​​Knut Eric Joslin​C1-060
​Monday​21 Aug​17:00-20:45Econometrics​Jon H Fiva​C1-060
​Tuesday​22 Aug​​17:00-20:45Econometrics​Jon H Fiva​C1-060
Thursday​24 Aug​​17:00-20:45Econometrics​Jon H Fiva​C1-060


 FORK 1004 Preparatory Course in Study Techniques

​Day Date​TimeSubject​Lecturer​Room​
​Friday​25 Aug14:00-16:45​​Study techniques​Christian W. FarstadC1-060​
​Monday28 Aug​17:00-19:45Study techniques​Yanique Fletcher​C1-060
​Tuesday​29 Aug​18:00-20:45Study techniques​Yanique FletcherC1-060

FORK 1005 Preparatory Course in Mathematics
(Preparation for Multivariate Statistics)

​Day  Date​​Time​Subject​Lecturer​Room
Thursday​31 Aug​14:00-
​Mathematics​Gudmund Hermansen​C1-060
​Monday04 Sept​17:00-
MathematicsGudmund HermansenC1-060
​Thursday07 Sept​14:00-
​MathematicsGudmund HermansenC1-060


FORK 1006 Preparatory Course in Accounting
(Preparation for Master of Accounting and Auditing/Master i regnskap og revisjon)

​Monday07 Aug​09:00-11:45​Accounting​Erlend KvaalA2-030
Tuesday​08 Aug​09:00-11:45​Accounting​Erlend KvaalA2-030
​Wednesday​09 Aug​09:00-11:45​Accounting​Erlend KvaalA2-030
​Thursday​10 Aug​09:00-11:45​Accounting​Erlend KvaalA2-030




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