Preliminary master thesis report



Preliminary master thesis report

The preliminary master thesis report counts for 20% of the total grade of the final thesis and must be submitted by Mid-January in the second year of the programme (or the second semester at BI for +1 students and incoming Double Degree students). The submission date for 2017 is January 16th. The exam paper was distributed through atbi (@bi) December 1st.

The general rule is that the report should be no more than 20 pages long excl. attachments. Please note that if you have attachments, these must be merged with your preliminary master thesis report into one pdf-document before submitting the report. The total number of pages can vary from programme to programme. The report will generally follow the outline below:

  • Introduction to the research topic 
  • Research question(s) and objectives of the thesis  
  • A plan for data collection and thesis progression

Please consult your supervisor/Associate Dean/Academic coordinator to identify if other specific criteria regarding the content of your preliminary master thesis report apply within your programme.

You will find a thorough explanation of how to use quotes and references on the BI library webpage:

For information on formal requirements and template paper; see

The preliminary thesis report counts for 20% of the final grade, and will be graded by the thesis supervisor. The grade is given as points according to the following scale:


The points given for the preliminary thesis will be available directly from the thesis supervisor, and can also been seen through @BI (in Gradebook on itslearning under "follow-up and reports"). 

The front cover of the preliminary thesis report must contain the following information: 

  • 'BI Norwegian Business School – Preliminary Master Thesis Report'
  • Title
  • Name of supervisor

    Note: The preliminary master thesis report must also be an appendix to your final thesis.

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