International Opportunities for Financial Economics



International Opportunities for Financial Economics

​Academic Guidelines for Exchange 2014/15​

Area: Finance
MSc in Financial Economics (MScFE)
Responsible: Professor Bruno Gerard

General Course Information
Exchange at the Master level is based on high academic standards and relevance. Hence it is important to ensure that students apply for institutions that offer courses at the right level in order to have the courses approved by the Associate Dean.

MScFE – Course Information
Students are expected to take at least 24 ECTS when abroad.
The courses may differ from courses that are offered at BI during the 3rd semester.

MSc in Business – Course Information for students with a minor in Finance

Students should take specialized finance courses equivalent to 24 ECTS while on Exchange and make sure that they have covered topics from GRA 6540 Applied Finance.

Recommended Partner Institutions for MScFE

  • Aalto University School of Economics

  • Bocconi University

  • Copenhagen Business School

  • EDHEC Business School, Campus Nice

  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Economics

  • Hanken School of Economics

  • Indian Institute of Management, India

  • Tilburg University, The Netherlands

  • Universidad Católica de Portuguesa

  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

  • Universite Libre De Bruxelles, Solvay Brussels School of  Economics and Management

  • University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (exams in January)

  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (exams in Jan/Feb)

  • University of Zürich (exams in January)

Other universities among the partner institutions can be chosen, but the Department of Financial Economics requires that students must collect information about the institution they want to apply for, and make sure that courses at the right academic level are offered.


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