Final master thesis



Final master thesis

The final thesis counts for 80% of the total thesis grade and must be submitted by September 1st in your final year. Please remember that it is your responsibility to meet the deadline given.

All the second year MSc students submitting their final master thesis in September 2017 will do so through DigiEx.

Below you will find answers to some of the questions you might have regarding this. 

When is the exam available?

The exam paper will be available on March 2nd 2017, on @BI.

When is the deadline for submitting the Master Thesis?

The deadline to upload and submit is September 1st 2017, before 12:00 pm (noon).

​Can I get an extension to this deadline?

If you, due to special circumstances, cannot submit the final master thesis on September 1st 2017, you must apply for an extension by writing an email to by August 1st 2017The application for extension must be accompanied by an email approval from your supervisor. 

For Double Degree students and QTEM students, such an extension is given automatically (at no extra charge), should you apply for one. The new deadline for these students is October 15th 2017.

Other students, who are granted an extension, will get a new deadline of December 1st 2017 (entails an extension fee). 

What are the formal requirements? 

The thesis must be in Times New Roman (12pt) with 1.5 line spacing, a left-hand margin of 5 cm, and a right hand margin of 2 cm. The top and bottom margins should be 2 cm. (Please note that students are not allowed to use the BI Norwegian Business School logo for their thesis.) Preferred file format is pdf.

You must include your preliminary thesis as an attachment to your final thesis in DigiEx.

You may use this template when writing the thesis, as this has the correct requirements.  

When uploading your thesis in DigiEx, you must enter the name of your supervisor and the title of your thesis (the title will be included on your final diploma so please make sure both the spelling and wording are correct). DigiEx will generate the front page with information including examination code and name, campus, student ID-number, the title of the master thesis and the examination start- and end date.

Please include a second page with the following information:

  • name of student(s)
  • study programme
  • date of submission
  • The following text: "This thesis is a part of the MSc programme at BI Norwegian Business School. The school takes no responsibility for the methods used, results found and conclusions drawn."

The recommended standard of Citations and References for BI students is the author-date system from APA. More information, including fact sheets and examples, is available on the library web pages. Here you also find the link to an online tutorial focusing on plagiarism and basic referencing.

How do we submit on DigiEx?

Each group submits one final master thesis report. All group members must have logged in and joined the group before the group's paper can be submitted. The group requirement also applies to students who work alone. (If you work alone you must create a group with yourself as the only member.) 

Please follow the step-by-step explanation on how to deliver by DigiEx. Step 2 explains the group administration. 

Will you share your knowledge? 

Before submitting the thesis in DigiEx you must select whether your thesis has to be treated confidential. The confidentiality periods of choice are one or two years from the date of submission. Confidentiality is, as a matter of principle, not endorsed by BI Norwegian Business School. It should be claimed only if the thesis is based on particularly sensitive data from companies and organisations.

You must also select whether you accept that the thesis can be published in BIBSYS Brage, BI's open, electronic archive.

How do I get my grade?

The final thesis counts for 80% of the total thesis grade. The preliminary thesis report counts for 20%, and the final (and total) grade will be announced with your other grades on @BI after the final thesis is graded.

Please note:

In case you have changed your topic, group or supervisor, it is mandatory to let the MSc Administration know about this change. You must send in your "Application for Change" form to or submit it to the MSc Administration in C3.
The change must be approved both by your supervisor and Associate Dean/Academic Coordinator before the form is handed in.  


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