Start your master thesis



Start your master thesis

​When you start to work on your master thesis the first issues to consider are what to write about, who to write together with and who to choose as a supervisor. Please see below to get some help with these issues.

Choose a partner

The thesis is usually written in pairs of two students. Check with your classmates who are interested in the same issues as you and discuss potential topics and research questions to find your thesis partner. Students who wish to write their thesis individually may apply to the Associate Dean of their major/programme.  

Select a topic

Each group/student is responsible for selecting a thesis topic related to their major. The topic should be an area of particular interest, and should have the potential for research investigation. It is recommended that students start thinking about research topics and choosing a supervisor during the first semester and preferably no later than early in the second semester. (Be reminded that the deadline for thesis registration is June 1st in the second semester.) 

For incoming Double Degree students and students with a one-year add on programme (+1) this process should start immediately after the programme starts in the autumn. 

Find a supervisor

Students are required to find a thesis supervisor. The faculty and their research interests are usually introduced at the orientation meeting at the beginning of the first semester, or in the second semester. In addition, students may discuss their topics with the Associate Dean of their major/programme. He/she may be able to suggest a faculty member who you can contact for further discussions of your proposed thesis topic. The meeting with a potential supervisor will be more useful if you have a relatively clear idea about the topic you would like to focus on and if you are well prepared before the discussion. For some majors/programmes it is the Associate Dean who assigns a thesis supervisor. Please check with the Associate Dean for your programme if you need to discuss and agree with a thesis supervisor on a topic before submitting the thesis registration form.

Write for a company?

Do you want to write the thesis for a company? Log on to the Web Portal offered by BI Careers Service for more information: Career Web Portal (Use your user name (s-number) and a new password will be generated the first time you log on.)
The potential projects that are presented by the companies are listed as "available positions", and are divided in bachelor projects and master projects.

You can also contact BI Careers Service at or 46410012, or find more information on their website.

Using Personal Data?

Please make sure you follow the requirements from the Privacy Official of Research if you are collecting or using personal data in your master thesis. 


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