Other Objectives



Other Objectives

The programme objective is to train professionals in the functions of business management such as strategy, finance, marketing, control, executive skills, etc., so that, after having completed the programme, participants will have:

  • A strategic vision of companies and management functions.

  • The knowledge needed for carrying out these functions with maximum efficiency, creativity and professionalism, using the required tools and techniques in the most appropriate manner at all times.

  • A comprehensive overview of companies, including an integrating view of management functions in relation to the different operational areas comprising an organisation, in such a way as to strengthen the development of an upwardly mobile executive career towards more generalist management positions.

  • The skills and capacities for managing people in international environments, so that the participants may effectively assume a leadership position over teams distributed in different geographic areas, activating the integration and commitment of the employees.

  • The general management skills and capacities needed for successfully carrying out one’s professional career. Such skills can be summarised into four areas:

    • The analytical capacity needed for taking on complex situations, distinguishing the essential aspects from the merely incidental.

    • The ability to synthesise, so that the abovementioned analysis is not just an intellectual exercise, but rather a tool for making firm decisions, evaluating the risks and weak points of same, and developing effective plans of action.

    • Confidence in one’s own ideas, and the ability to convince those who will be involved in developing those ideas, to accept them.

    • The ability to accept ideas from others that complement one’s own viewpoint and help find the most appropriate solution to problems.

In its educational activities, BI Norwegian Business School is committed to respecting the principles of freedom of thought and expression, along with equal opportunity and non-discrimination (beyond academic considerations). BI Norwegian Business School seeks to promote the values of tolerance, respect and equality among those working within the school environment (whether they be participants or professors), with the goal of creating a proper environment for academic and personal development.

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