The grading system

With reference to the Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School.

At BI Norwegian Business School the following grading scales are used:

  • Passed / Not passed

  • The letters from A to E for "Passed", and F for "Not passed". The lowest grade accepted for a passed examination is the letter E, where A is the best pass grade and F is a not passed grade (failed).

The general qualitative descriptions of the assessment criteria by which the letter scale is used are as follows:

A = Excellent
Excellent performance which clearly stands out. The candidate has shown excellent assessment skills and a large degree of independence.

B = Very good
Very good performance. The candidate has shown very good assessment skills and independence.

C = Good
Consistently good performance that is satisfactory on most levels. The candidate has shown good assessment skills and independence in most areas.

D = Reasonably good
An acceptable performance with some significant flaws. The candidate has shown a certain degree of assessment skills and some independence.

E = Adequate
A performance that satisfies the minimum requirements, but no more than that. The candidate has shown little assessment skills and independence.

F = Not passed
A performance that does not satisfy the minimum academic requirements. The candidate has shown a lack of assessment skills and independence.

Read more about Guidelines for the application of the national grading system (only available in Norwegian) fromThe Ministry of Education and Research


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