To Be An MBA Student



To Be An MBA Student

The participants should make sure that they obtain all pertinent information that is provided through the learning platform it`s learning. It`s learning is not designed for the convenience of students who choose not to attend class. You must attend every class. Should you need to be absent from class you will have to have this approved by the Dean. Participants will be given access to It`s learning shortly before they begin their studies. This is where the faculty provide course syllabus, slides, cases,articles and all pertinent information related to their courses. The MBA administration will also use this platform to keep participants updated on all adminstrative aspects of the programme, especially the timetable for each term. It is the participants' responsibility to keep themselves up to date on what is available on It`s learning.

In the Executive School we give priority to a combination of teaching methods involving a high level of partcipant activity, new forms of assessment and regular feedback that promotes learning. To enhance the learning yield and progression, emphasis is placed on teaching methods involving a high level of participants' activity combined with assessments that promote learning by means of regular feedback. Most of the courses in the MBA programme are designed according to this philosophy. Since there is a continuous evaluation through most of the courses, it is not possible to retake parts of a course in the MBA programme. The focus on participant activity and continuous assessment requires that participants attend all the courses, hand in assignments during the term, participate in class discussions and present cases or participate in other classroom-based activities.

All courses are in English and the ability to speak and write English fluently is a necessity for both the teaching and examination of the programme.


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