Elective courses and assignment



Elective courses and assignment

Most students in a bachelor degree programme at BI will during the study period choose elective courses

•        To select courses in the fall semester the elections take place electronically 10. - 20. July.

•        To select courses in the fall semester the elections take place electronically 01. - 10. December.

Which courses that is eligible will appear in the individual study plans “Web for Students” on the student portal @ BI, where the election takes place.

Assignment Principles

The most popular courses might be overbooked, and in such cases students with the best results from previous semesters will be given priority. Best result is a combination where the average grade and number of completed credits are about equally rated.

For elective courses in the spring results up to and including previous spring semester are calculated, and for elective courses in the fall results up to and including previous fall semester are calculated.

For specialization courses students taking the whole curriculum of specialization courses are given priority to students taking single courses only.

It’s possible to not choose electives courses. This may be applicable for students who plan to take up courses from previous semesters or from other reasons wish to postpone a course. Students who do not make choices within the deadline, may thou receive a reminder from the administration. If not taking any electives it a deliberate choice, you may ignore these reminders. Student’s who forget to choose elective courses, may contact the Administration after 10th of August / 3rd of January to select courses where seats are available.


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