Education plan

​An education plan is an individual plan for a course of study or study programme which is agreed between BI and a student in order to reach his/her educational goals within the standard period.

​What is an education plan?

An education plan contains provisions concerning BI's responsibilites and obligations to the student and the student's obligations to the school and fellow students (cf. Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School, Section 3-1 Definitions, and the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges, Section 4-2).

Who is given an education plan?

Bachelor students on study programmes with a minimum of 60 credits receive an education plan at the student portal @BI.

Who does not receive an education plan at their @BI-pages?
At present, only bachelor students are given an individual education plan at the student portal @BI. All others will find their education plan under the "Courses and programmes" tab.

Last Modified: 14/06/2016 14:56