Coursework requirements




Coursework requirements

​In some courses there are obligatory coursework required for taking an examination. 

Coursework requirements are defined as all forms of tasks and assignments that must be completed in order to sit an examination, and where the result will not form part of the evaluation basis for the grade stated in the diploma (conf. Section 5-1 in BI's Academic Regulations). In some courses these are called mandatory submission paper.

You can find the legal basis of coursework and the coursework required for taking an examination in the Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School, Section 5-2 and 5-4 (1) b).  

The description of each course states whether there are obligatory coursework requirements for this course, and if so; what they are. Obligatory coursework is only graded as approved / not approved.

The right to take an examination depends on fulfilled coursework requirements. You forfeit the right to take an examination if the required coursework has not been handed in / completed by the set deadline, or if the papers handed in are not approved. It is up to the students themselves to stay informed on the current deadlines. You are also responsible for turning in the coursework requirement at the right time and in the right courseroom on itslearning.


Consequences of not having one’s obligatory coursework approved

If your obligatory coursework has not been approved, written notification will be given by e-mail before the examination, to the effect that you are not permitted to take the examination. Required coursework in the form of tests and papers to be handed in are published, completed/handed in and approved on the course’s itslearning page. Thus you have the opportunity to monitor your progress with regard to the required coursework at all times. 

If you have forfeited your right to take the examination because your obligatory coursework has not been approved, you must contact the study centre to agree on a new date for completing / handing in the required coursework and on a new registration for the examination. The next opportunity to do the required coursework is when the course is conducted once again. Most courses are only conducted once per academic year.

Consequences of not passing the examination when the obligatory coursework has been approved

If you have your required coursework approved, but are ill on the examination day or do not pass the examination, you may re-sit the examination at the next opportunity without once again handing in the required coursework and having it approved.


The validity of obligatory courseworks

 Coursework required for a subject is valid as long as the subject continues. If a subject should be discontinued, the examination will be rescheduled twice, ref. Section 5-7 (2) of the Regulations. The obligatory coursework is valid during the rescheduling period. Obligatory coursework that has been approved cannot be transferred to another subject. If you do not complete your examination in any subject within the period of rescheduling, you must take up a new subject with its associated obligatory coursework and examinations.

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