Writing course



Writing course

​Need help with a writing project this semester? To have the ability to express yourself well in writing is a key to doing well in you studies. You can convey your knowledge easier, clearer and more engaging.

It is a great advantage when you are a student that you can write good academic texts. A large part of what you do as a student involves communicating in writing down the knowledge you have.

Tutors from the Writing Center are available at Open Tutoring hours and are ready to work with you! Wherever you are in the writing process, from staring in frustration at a blank page to putting the final polishes on your finished paper, the writing tutors can provide assistance and advice to help your project reach its full potential. Tutors are available for both English and Norwegian writing.

Open Tutoring is available on the 6th floor of the BI Library at the following times:

Monday – 14:00-19:00

Tuesday – 17:00-19:00

Wednesday – 14:00-19:00

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