Withdrawal / Leave of absence




‚ÄčStudents may withdraw from studies at BI Norwegian Business School in writing by the deadlines given in the contract, cf. the Academic Regulations at BI, Section 3-5. 

If the withdrawal takes place outside the deadlines specified in the contract, the students are obliged to pay the tuition fee for the next semester.

BI must confirm the withdrawal in writing before the contract can be cancelled.

Personal force majeure

Students who, during their studies, programme or (single) course experience unanticipated and serious circumstances (personal force majeure) may apply for withdrawal from their studies independently of the deadlines given in the contract.

The application must be documented with a doctor's certificate or other relevant information which clearly documents that further studies are not possible or unreasonably burdensome, and that the student for this reason is unable to recommence studies at a later point in time.

Personal force majeure means unanticipated circumstances which cannot be influenced which entail that the student is unable to fulfil his / her commitment as a student. Students granted withdrawal based on personal force majeure are withdrawn with immediate effect and all the student's rights and duties are no longer applicable from the same time.

Based on the submitted documentation, BI Norwegian Business School will consider whether there is a documented basis for withdrawal. If such a basis exists, the student will be exempt from payments.

Students required to pay the full semester fee can choose to withdraw from the next semester, and maintain their student status during the current semester, with the rights and responsibilities this entails.


Last Modified: 16/06/2017 14:44