Completion deadline



Application for readmission

​If the completion deadline for your studies has expired and you still want to complete the studies, you may - in pursuance with the academic regulations at BI Section 3-6 (3) - apply for readmission.

Completion in current study model and readmission fee

It the completion deadline for your studies has expired, you must complete your studies in accordance with the current study programme model. Study programme models are subject to change, and completion of your studies in  a model that is different from the one you started your studies in, may imply that you have to take new courses and examinations.

If you complete your studies after the completion deadline, you will be charged a semesterbased readmission fee, in addition to the fees tor the re-sit examinations.

Information on which completion deadlines apply to your study programme can be found in BI's academic regulations Section 3-6 (1).

What do I do?

Please contact your student administration. The will assess which courses from your previous studies can be recognized, and which courses you will have to take to meet the requirements for a  new degree.

Please note that an application for readmission can take a long time, as the faculty sometimes has to be included in the evaluation.

Bachelor: the deadline for readmission applications is

  • 1. September for the autumn semester and
  • 1. February for the spring semester

Master of Science: the deadline for readmission applications is

  • 15. June for the autumn semester and
  • 15. November for the spring semester


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