Special arrangements



Educational initiatives

Do you need special adaptations or other practical help for your study? We can help you define your needs and the possibilities that do exist to make your campus life as good as possible.

Adapted Textbooks

If you have impaired vision or reading-and writing difficulties, you will most likely need adapted study material. Norwegian Audio and Braille Library has curriculum in a special format for vision and reading-impaired students.

Vision impaired students are entitled to having mandatory curriculum produced. Students with reading- and writing difficulties are entitled to borrow existing literature. The Student Administration (in Oslo: Student Partner) can help you get in touch with the Norwegian Audio and Braille Library.

See the BI Librarys' webpage on how to get the text from a book or article in audio format 

Written Material

Academic material in electronic form can be of great use to students who use computerized aids like enlargement programmes, reading ruler or synthetic speech. Power Point presentations that are to be used in lectures can be handed out before the lecture, either in print or electronically, depending on each individuals' needs.


To ensure you get the most out of the lectures it is important that you contact the lecturers as early in the semester as possible to discuss and arrange your needs for adaptation. It may be necessary to record lectures or to receive a copy of presentations in advance.

Disabled students can normally reserve a place in the auditoriums. It can also be possible to put a table in the auditorium if you need to. Contact your student administration (in Oslo: Student Partner).

The Teaching Situation

The Student Administration (in Oslo: Student partner) can help you get in touch with the academic staff if you want. Reasons to do this may be to facilitate the lecture situation, or to let the teacher know about a disability or diagnosis.

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