IT regulations ch. 11-14

11. Operation surveillance
12. Legal access to e-mail and personal files
13. Termination of studies
14. Sanctions in the event of violation of regulations

11. Operational surveillance

11.1. IT operations management have surveillance access to the system, as well as to the individual user’s personal storage area in order to manage the system or assure the system’s functionality. This access is to be used only in connection with maintenance of the system.

11.2. IT operations management are pledged to secrecy with regard to information concerning users or users’ activities that is obtained through access to users’ reserved storage area, with the exception of conditions that may constitute a violation of regulations and should be reported to the appropriate officials.

11.3. The IT department has the right to delete users’ received and sent e-mail that is older than 90 days should this be regarded as necessary for proper operation of the system. In this event users will be notified beforehand so that they can save valuable mail.

12. Legal access to e-mail and personal files

12.1. In cases of strong suspicion regarding the violation of Norwegian law or these regulations, BI and its IT services department reserve the right to send e-mail and files from personal areas in the system to the police for investigation. In this event, permission will be obtained beforehand from the President or a person given legal authority by the President unless conditions are so extreme that immediate intervention is deemed necessary. Such conditions must be documented and presented to the President after the intervention. The user must also be notified after the fact.

13. Termination of studies

13.1. Following termination of studies or discontinuation of user-status, users are required to clear out their storage area in the system as well as in their storage media on the PC. If this is not done within a reasonable amount of time, and at the latest within 2 months, the IT department can delete these files. In the event of a death, access to copies of the deceased’s files will be given to family.

13.2. The right to connect a private machine to BI’s network is revoked with the termination of the user’s studies.

14. Sanctions in the event of violation of regulations

14.1. Violation of these regulations can result in termination of access to BI’s IT services or expulsion from the school. (See Academic regulations. )

14.2. Serious violation of the regulations or of Norwegian law can result in liability for compensation and/or penalty of the law. The standard regulations regarding disciplinary action against students can be imposed for those who misuse IT services. (See Academic regulations.)

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