IT regulations ch. 1-2

1. The purpose of the regulations
2. Areas of application​​

1. The purpose of the regulations

1.1. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the use of BI’s IT services that are in compliance with Norwegian law and compatible with BI’s activities. The regulations have been created to assure the security of the school’s IT services and consequently support both students and faculty in their use of these services.


2. Areas of application

2.1. The regulations apply to all use of BI’s IT services. IT services are defined as all physical components (the data network comprised of cables and network electronics, as well as specific computers and computers in general) and programs acquired, or made use of, by BI. This also includes private equipment linked to BI’s IT services and programs licensed by BI and installed in private equipment.

2.2. The regulations apply to all users. A user is defined as a student or other legally responsible person given access to the IT services. The regulations are to be posted at appropriate locations, such as terminals and IT centers, and will be available under "Executive MBA" at www.bi.edu.

2.3. When user identities are given, a copy of these regulations will also be provided. Users are required to make themselves familiar with the contents so that this can become a mutual source of agreement for the school and the user.

2.4. Users are requested to keep themselves informed of any and all relevant regulations or supplementary decisions. Such decisions must be approved by the president of the school and will be available at the student web portal - "IT Brukerstøtte” on http://www.bi.no/ .

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