Handling bullying at BI

It is BI’s responsibility to ensure that all its students feel safe and secure in their learning environment. Bullying is illegal and not tolerated at BI under any circumstance.  BI’s anti-bullying policies seek to prevent and protect students and staff from bullying.


As a BI student, it is your duty to notify bullying to the appropriate persons and ensure an inclusive, fair and safe learning environment for all. 

What is bullying?

Bullying is repeated, unreasonable negative behaviour directed towards a person or group with the inability to defend themselves. Bullying is not an isolated incident.

In a relationship between a student and lecturer, can feedback regarding academic work be interpreted as harassment. Both parties are required to evaluate whether the content of the feedback is constructive criticism or difference of opinion before defining it as bullying or harassment.
More information about harassment can be found here.

Responsibility to report bullying

BI students and staff have the responsibility to create a positive learning environment. Individuals who feel victimised, or who witness such inappropriate behaviour have a duty to notify the appropriate people.

It is sometimes difficult to handle anonymous complaints. In these cases, the ‘perpetrator’ is unaware that their own behavior has been perceived as bullying or harassment. Also, all parties rights are to be respected including the accused.  

In order find successful resolutions, BI would like individuals to feel that they can openly and directly make complaints.  Simultaneously,  BI will ensure that all complains are treated in a sensitive and fair manner in consultation with the student.

Who you should contact?

If you have experienced bullying or harassment:

From your peer, contact:
Studentpartner, studentpartner@bi.no, ph: 464 10 208 
or the health service on the student board: 
Oslo: Sio ph.: 22 85 33 00 
Bergen: Sammen ph: 55 54 45 00 
Stavanger: Sis ph: 51 83 33 00
Trondheim: Sit ph: 73 55 16 60

From a BI staff member, contact:
BI’s HR department, hr@bi.no or anne.g.fure@bi.no, ph.: 918 64 272

The contact person has a duty to handle the case seriously and confidentially in a manner requested by the student. The student can seek support from people he/she trusts who can refer the student to the appropriate contact people listed above. Students can be accompanied by a student representative, classmate or another support person, if he/she wishes.


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