Completion deadline



Extended period of study

The time limit for completing a study programme is two years in addition to the nominal period of study, cf. Section 3-6 (1) in Academic Regulations​.

Excepted from the time limit for completion of a study programme are interruptions due to forced temporary exclusion or leave of absence, pregnancy, national service or documented serious illness (force majeure), cf. Section 3-5 (4). As soon as possible during this completion period, you have to contact a student adviser to be registered as an active student. This will give you access to the student portal.

If you want to complete after the expiry of the completion deadline, you have to apply for new admission to the programme. Please contact your study centre.

Please observe that the deadline for registration for examinations is 1. october in the autumn semester, and 1. march in the spring semester.

The provision in this Section do not apply to the full time two-year Master’s Programme (except for students doing the Master of accounting and auditing), five year programme in Bachelor and Master in Business and Economics and the Master of Business Administration Programme (MBA), see Regulations Section 3-6 (1).

Last Modified: 24/01/2013 12:58