The handing over of personal data

BI Norwegian Business School adheres to the provisions of the Personal Data Act (Personopplysningsloven) with regard to the processing and provision of data relating to individuals.

For instance, BI will not confirm or provide information to a potential employer as to whether a student has completed a study programme at BI. In order for BI to provide such information the student him/herself has to authorize BI to provide it.

Providing information to a third party can only be done in the following cases:

1. Where a legal authorization exists.

This applies to the provision of data to Statistics Norway, The State Educational Loan Fund, and the Universities and Colleges Central Admissions Office.Such data provison can only be effected by BI's central administration.

2. Where an individual has given his/her consent to the provision of personal data

This applies for instance to confirmation that a person has applied for a study at BI or is a student at BI, the provision of information to an employer, a future employer, NAV (the labour authorities), etc. In such cases the individual student must have given his/her specific consent. This is the main rule for the provison of personal data.

3. Where it is in the interest of an individual

Section 8 of the Personal Data Act allows the provision of data if it can be documented third persons for whom the data are provided are able observe a justified interest for the person in question and that the consideration for the individual's personal protection does not exceed this interest. 

This legal authority can only be used as an exeption. Examples of data that can be provided here may be name and address in connection class events for former BI students, as well as the provison of such data to the student associations at BI.

Special cases

1. The provison of personal data to the police

The provision of personal data to the police can only take place if the police are able to refer to a legal authority for this in each individual case. The police will not automatically receive personal data.

2. Provision of personal data to NAV (the labour authorities)

Section 18 of the Employment Act (Arbeidsmarkedsloven) imposes institutions to provide data to NAV on suspicion of the abuse of social security benefits. There is, however, some disagreement as to whether this section is sufficiently specific to overrule the Personal Data Act. Pursuant with an agreement with the Data Inspectorate BI shall adhere to the following guidelines in such cases:

  • The main principle is that the person to whom the data apply shall give his/her consent to the provision of data.

  • In cases of potential social security abuse, and where therefore a request for consent is not natural, BI may confirm whether the person in question is/has been a student at BI. BI may also specify in which semesters the individual has been a student and whether the person has been a full-time or part-time student.

3. The provision of personal data to individual students

Students/former students must request information about themselves in writing or by personally appearing at the school (identification is required).

See also Personal security guidelines at www.bi.no

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