BI's Appeals Committee

BI Norwegian Business School is subject to the Public Administration Act in its administrative procedure. According to this act, students can students can appeal individual decisions. Individual decisions are decicions that involve one person / student or several specific students.

Examples of individual decisions at BI:

- decision regarding admission / rejection of admission
- decision regarding approval / rejection of application for examination exemption 
- decision regarding approval / rejection of application for special examination arrangements
- decision regarding annulment of grade / suspension due to examination offences, like cheating or forgery  of certificate 

Specific rules apply for appeals about grades, see BI's Academic Regulations Section 5-13 (2) and the student web portal on this topic.

BI’s Appeals Committee is the appeals body for individual decisions. See also the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) Section 5-1 regarding appeals committee. 

Composition requirements for the Appeals Committee

conf. Act relating to Universities and University College Section 5-1 (2):
- The Appeals Committee shall consist of five members with personal deputy board members.
- The leader and its deputy board member shall not be employed by the institution. institusjonen.
- Two of the members shall be students.

Appeals are to be  submitted in writing and the student must explain what he or she feels is incorrect with the existing decision.

Further information is found in the Right of Appeal-choice (menu to the right on this page), including the address the appeal is to be sent to.

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