Certified copies

‚ÄčIn some cases, a certified copy of a diploma or other document is required. There are strict requirements to certified copies. Follow the requirements to ensure your application is processed as quick as possible. 

Rules for submission of certified copies 

  • All copies of certificates/diplomas/passports and references must be confirmed (stamped and signed) by the issuer of the document (school/employer) or a copying bureau. The stamp must indicate where it is confirmed.

  • The copies must be of original certificates/diplomas and references. Copies of copies are not accepted.

  • All the copied  pages of a certificate/diploma or other documentation must be stamped and certified.

  • BI Norwegian Business School may require that admitted  applicants present original certificates/diplomas and references.

  • Forgeries are subject to the provisions of Section 182 of the Penal Code and will be reported to the police for prosecution.

  • The same rules apply for applicants living abroad. 

  • For applicants to Bachelor 1st year (full time), separate rules apply, read more about this. 

Last Modified: 30/08/2017 19:40