BI Student Community



BI Student Community

BI's student community (BIS) is the local BI-schools' student union in Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Drammen. BIS is made up of students working for the students, and whose core values are academic matters, politics and the well-being of students. These values guide all the work done through the organisation. 

BIS Stavanger consists of 13 board-and chairman appointments as well as 8 sub-sections. Their office is located on the first floor.  

Board and management:
- Leader
- Marketing manager
- IT/Communication manager
- Finance manager
- Social events manager
- Academic supervisor
- Controls- and statute committee (KVK)
- Election committee
- Editor
- Tavern manager
- Leader of the Real Estate group (EMG)
- Leader of business group (NLD)
- Leader of sports

- Tavern
- Social group
- EMG-group
- NLD-responsible
- Communication group
- Shares group
- Marketing group
- ØAF-group

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